Commercial Dive Services

The owners of AMC started out as commercial divers and rely on that background on occasion whether it involves providing a limited underwater inspection or when the construction involves work be performed below low water. We are not your typical dive service that does everything with recreational scuba gear; spending much of our time scrubbing boat bottoms.  

We maintain a complete lot of commercial dive gear including hard hats, surface-supplied air compressors and large-capacity air tanks.  In addition to supporting our diver, we can also support an inspector without getting their feet wet by providing him or her with full audio and visual using microphones and cameras that are mounted to our dive helmets.  

We offer a full suite of commercial dive services including:

  • · Dive inspections
  • · Underwater demolition
  • · Underwater repairs including welding, crack or leak repair
  • · Underwater concrete pumping
  • · Installation of soft pile jackets to preserve underwater sections of timber piling from shipworm borer damage
  • · Installation of concrete-filled pile jackets to mitigate timber piles under pile-supported buildings