Dock Services

Pier Construction

Fixed Pier Dock

Fixed piers are a critical piece of infrastructure that allows people to bridge from the shore out into the water.  We have been successful dock building a variety of fixed piers over the years including solid-fill piers, piers supported on masonry or reinforced concrete foundations, and piers supported by pilings. We also offer dock repair and re-decking services. 

Dock Building Services

Marina Floats

We offer a number of ways to customize your floating dock.  We can customize a to float include custom sizing and various decking options including SYP, Ipe, Mahogany, Composite or Open Decking. We can integrate additional reinforcement to strengthen a float to be installed in a more exposed location. We can include unique cleats and/or bollards. Floats can be built to include utilities including electric, water and lighting. We can fly customize you dock building, pier and docking experience. 

Boat Lifts, PWC Lifts

Boat Lift

A boat lift can keep your boat or personal watercraft raised above the typical tides and wave action which will limit how much it gets knocked about on a daily basis. They can make it easy to wash down your entire boat, including the hull. A boat lift will limit how much time your boat stays stationary in the water, thereby limiting how much bio-growth accumulates on the hull.  They are easy to use, just a click of a button from the unit or from a clicker from inside your boat. A great addition to your dock building project. 

Stone Piers

Stone Pier, Ramp, Float

Piers are a fixed dock building technique that connect to the shore. Piers can be constructed with stone, masonry, and concrete filled as well.


Railing types

We offer a number of custom railing types. Nautical rope rail tied from pile-to-pile, Traditional timber railing with limited horizontal rails, Common timber railing with vertical pickets, Hardwood or aluminum railing with stainless steel cables, Hardwood or aluminum railing with glass panels. All aspects of your dock building project can be customized. 

Custom Gangways and Ramps

Custom Gangway

We customize gangways and ramps as well.  Typical aluminum gangways can look pretty blah but can easily be enhanced by adding ipe decking along the deck and ipe trim to accessorize the sides.  We can customize all aspects of your dock building project.