Yacht Club and Marina Construction Services

Yacht Clubs and Marinas

As marine contractors, we have built our fair share of marinas over the years including our very own in Westerly, Rhode Island.  Marinas can be challenging since they need to provide a tranquil marina basin in close proximity to navigable water all the while dealing with various challenges including tides, currents, wind and wave action, ice flows, worm borers, corrosion, etc.  When you put together all our experience and types of marine construction projects we support, we can install anything a marina needs including:

  • · Shoreline structures including sheet pile bulkheads, seawalls or revetments
  • · Relieving platforms
  • · Travel lift pit or piers 
  • · Access piers
  • · Wave fences
  • · Manufactured floats or heavy displacement wave attenuator floats
  • · Anchor piling for floating docks
  • · Aluminum or custom gangways
  • · Security gates
  • · Utilities including electric, water and pumpout
  • If we can be of any assistance helping you budget your project, please don’t hesitate contacting us for more information.  Should you be early in the planning process, feel free to ask us about some of the consultants we work with who specialize in planning and permitting marinas as well.