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Timber Pier Construction

Timber Piers are a perfect example of a structure that can be constructed in a variety of ways.  the typical marine contractor sees and engineer's plan that shows piles, timbers and hardware, and builds it.
 We, at Atlantic Marine Construction, see a plan with all kinds of options and empower our clients to tell us ways they would like to make the structure unique.  Options like special decking (exotic woods including either mahogany or ipe) or stainless steel cable rail systems can transform an average pier into a pier that is the focal point of your property.

Refinements aside, more importantly, we have the capabilities to construct  a pier in the most challenging environments. The biggest challenge of pile driving in the northeast of course, is dealing with rock.  Our group has the equipment and experience to auger into rock and socket pilings into the rock to ensure they are well embedded into the bottom in order to endure the loads the sea inflicts on them.
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