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Stone Revetments

Revetments are the most effective type of shoreline treatment.  The irregular surface of a revetment's exposed face dissipates wave energy, which helps reduce wave run-up and overtopping.  The best part of a revetment is, if constructed properly, it will require relatively low maintenance, long term because it won't corrode, rot or crack.
To the average person, a revetment looks like a pile of rocks dumped on the shoreline.  Unfortunately, some contractors believe the same. At Atlantic Marine however, we understand that a well constructed revetment needs a variety of important elements to protect your property.  These elements include:
  • A Good foundation that involves excavating down below the anticipated scour depth and placing filter fabric and properly sized bedding stone. Bedding stone protects the large armor stone from puncturing the filter fabric and provides a flexible base to support armor stone of different dimensions.
  • Armor stone of proper size and quality must meet or exceed the engineer's design specifications.
  • Placement of the stone must happen in such a way that minimizes the voids between the stone while providing the irregular surface in a balanced fashion. 
As one may assess, this isn't as easy as it sounds at first, and is definitely more of an art than a science.  This is yet another way we distinguish ourselves from other marine contractors!
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