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Masonry and concrete seawalls are attractive structures that protect the upland shoreline in a tight area since they are vertical walls (revetments take up more space).  Masons and foundation contractors attempt to take on these projects, but quickly learn that despite past experience, working on the coast is a completely different experience when confronted with tides and wave action. Unfortunately, this quickly becomes the owner's problem, having to contend with a sliding schedule and a 'mess' both logistically, as well as, the resulting appearance of the structure.

When we, at AMC, construct concrete seawalls, we pay a lot of attention to the details including keeping our excavations dry and clean of debris, using flat and clean forms, using proven concrete mix and making sure our reinforcement is not just thrown in, but rather placed accurately per the designer's plans, (we may even throw in a few more pieces of re-bar just to be sure...).  Other important details that we focus on include weep hole and ways to top off the seawall with an aesthetically pleasing seawall cap.
We have experienced tradesmen who are true artisans when it comes to our masonry work.  The results speak for themselves.
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